Experience our Tasmanian Salmon a unique taste of high proteins and nutrients with caviar from Harigon Gourmet Foods, which can be savoured with every kind of food item. For years we have distributed caviar, both local from Tasmania and imported exclusively to wholesale suppliers, restaurants and retail stores around Australia. At Harigon Gourmet Foods, we are very excited to offer you the world's highest quality Caviar!
Our localTasmanian caviar from Atlantic Salmon, farmed and hand milked, meaning (the fish is not killed, but released into the water once roe are taken out). The size of roe is about 6mm. Caviar refers to the fish roe of the Salmon, due to its red-orange hue.
Salmon or Sturgeon Caviar is a seafood delicacy; however, it is more than just a fancy treat for special occasions. Caviar makes an elegant garnish and enhances the flavours of other food while having the added bonus of its health benefits.