Harigon Gourmet Foods, is a family business which for the past 17 years, has been producing a wide range of Eastern European style dumplings, Pelmeni and Pierogi.

Sam and Jenny started this business to bring a touch of tasty and hearty Russian cuisine to Australian tables. They brought their own family recipes from Russia when they arrived in Australia in early 90s. Over time the brands Sam’s Pelmeni and Sam’s Pierogi were created. Our Sam’s Pelmeni and Pierogi were becoming more popular, so we expanded our range and began manufacture Traditional Asian style dumplings and Kosher certified dumplings.

“Our customers come first”, Sam always used to say. Harigon Gourmet Foods expanded into importing and distribution to offer its customers more products, more value and more variety. We currently offer our customers unique, delicious and tasty products from Russia, Latvia, Poland and other countries. We offer a full range of Mr Fish fish preserves, such as herrings, rollmops, mackerels, we have New Zealand smoked eel, Tasmanian cured Salmon, imported and local Salmon caviar, Sturgeon caviar. Our dairy range of Traditional Quark Cottage cheeses and smoked cheese adds diversity to our range. Recently we added New Zealand Canterbury Biltong range to our portfolio.

We ensure a high-quality and diverse range of appetizing products to suit our customers.